“I feel safe in the knowledge that M&M cars will always be on time – everytime”

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M&M are dependable, trustworthy, courteous and are competitively priced. For business travel I switched two years ago from self drive/airport valet parking to M&M due to flexibility regarding airport returning to, no waiting on arrival, opportunity costs of time spent driving, and a lower overall cost. Now I use them for all work related travel as well as for travel of business associates, colleagues, and family related travel.

Michael Kenney  Finance Director, Dell EMEA

I have been a client with Maidenhead and Marlow Chauffeurs for 7 years now, in fact almost from the launch of the service and have seen it grow from 1 to 8 executive cars today. My loyalty has been primarily due to the high quality of the customer service coupled with the timeliness, billing and overall general professionalism. I use the service twice a week for business. I also use the service for social occasions and find no difference in level of commitment. Over the years, I can count the number of problems on one hand and state that each has been handled professionally and sincerely. I absolutely have no reservations in recommending the company and was very pleased indeed to provide this testimonial.

Chris Baretto  ING Group N.V

I highly recommend M&M Cars. My family and I travel extensively between Ireland, Spain, and the UK. I use them for business and personal travel and I cannot think of a single occasion when they have not been on time- even when there is a change to the travel schedule. Everybody is courteous, polite and professional and are easy to work with. I absolutely have no reservations in recommending them to colleagues and friends.

Chris Martin  Chief Executive, Musgrave Group